Leather Bags: Do You Know Everything About It?

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There is so much to learn about leather bags; from overall aesthetic to material, there are interesting details that you need to scrutinize. Let’s find out everything that you need to know about leather bags?

Style Of The Bag 

One should always prefer such leather handbags that can match their personality and make the wardrobe look attractive! You should feel comfortable while carrying it. The length and the breadth of the straps should be feasible while carrying.

Decide about how you wanna carry your leather bag – on your shoulder or hold it free-handed across your body. We all know that leather bags are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and prices. 

Budget Of The Bag

Leather bags are made up of pure leather. Pure leather is processed from goat, buffalo, bull or elk’s hide. The softer the leather, the more expensive it is.

Although, in the market, there are a few leather bags available which have cheaper rates, but then they are not made up of 100% pure leather. So, it is advisable to buy 100% pure leather bags to make you look attractive and up to the mark!

The Overall Aesthetic

If there are any imperfections or defects in the leather, it shows that the leather is not pure. The zips and handles are strong enough that they won’t break easily. The bags are designed for both – men and women. The careful choice of leather and the precise handicraft make it the most durable leather bag. 

Amongst all, the full-grain leather bags rank first in terms of durability and quality. If the leather is real, it leaves behind an amazing smell for the users. Leather bags give a posh look rather than other cliche material bags.

WitchersCraft’s owner- Mr. Sahil is also ready to personalize your bag free of cost with your choice of engravings. So what are you waiting for? Go to the website, order your favorite bag and gift it to your loved ones.

Types of Leather Bags: 

Top Grain Leather Messenger Crossbody Bag, Office Laptop Bag

Are you using any old fashioned bag for your office? You need to look at this decent and comfortable looking leather bag which would be perfect for you! This bag is made up of 100% top grain leather and available at $72.

You can easily carry your office laptop in this bag along with other essentials. The belt is adjustable to carry it easily across your body with padding on the shoulders to make you comfortable. 

Messenger Leather Bags

Personalized Leather Large Backpack/Rucksack for Travel and Hiking

Are you planning to go on a trip with the most comfortable leather backpack? This is the perfect leather rucksack for all those who are out on an adventurous travel or hiking experience. This rucksack is durable and has 7 to 8 pockets to assemble all the necessary items needed for the trip. 

It’s available in dark brown and light brown colours. The price of these rucksacks range from $50 to $120. You can put all your travelling essentials in different pockets provided in this rucksack. This leather rucksack won’t easily wear off as it is made up of high quality leather and strong threads are used for stitching to give it a posh look. 

Travel Leather Backpacks

Handmade Black Suede Leather Bags | Satchel Women Bag, Hippie Crossbody Purse

It has a thick leather belt so that you can carry on your shoulder and walk freely. It is available at a price of $65. If you wanna put all your stuff in a single bag, this is the perfect purse for you!

Additionally, it’s black in colour so it will suit any attire you wear. The leather strap is adjustable enough to make you comfortable. Best gift for women. You will indeed not regret your decision after buying this best leather handbag.  

Handmade Leather Bags

Leather Duffel Bag | Gym, Travel, & Weekend Overnight Luggage Bag

If you haven’t used a leather duffel bag, this is the perfect time to buy it. Below shown is the perfect leather duffel bag to keep your gym essentials for your health and hygiene. You can also use it for storing essentials if you’re planning a weekend getaway with your loved ones! 

It has 1 front pocket and 2 side pockets. Duffel bags are available in light brown, dark brown and black colour on the website. All of the three, unique in their own ways. But this black duffel bag gives a rick look due to the black polish and high quality leather. 

The price of duffel bags range from $90 to $120. These duffel bags won’t wear off for years if well-treated with care. It will be a great idea to gift duffel bags to anyone on their birthdays, wedding or any special occasion. 

Black Duffel Bag | Leather Bags

Personalized Buffalo Leather Bags | Unisex Toiletry Travel Dopp Kit

Are you planning to buy a new toiletry or travel kit soon? Then, this is the one you should buy. It’s made up of buff leather, polyester, brass accessories and available at an affordable price of $42.

Compared to other material bags, this bag will last longer as it is made up of high-quality leather that is waterproof. The zippers on the top and back give a rich look to the bag. If you engrave your own initials or logo on this bag, it will act as a cherry on the cake! 

Personalized Leather Buffalo Bag

When we talk about leather goods, craftsmanship is the most often used keyword by all of us. If your leather is well-treated, it would be waterproof also. So, it’s a great option to use leather bags in Monsoon to save your essentials from water.

Even if pure leather made bags develop a stain or a scar, it can be easily wiped off. It is a fact that leather bags will never be old-fashioned or outdated. 

The trend of leather bags will always go on for men and women. Let’s not wait more and make wrong decisions while buying bags for ourselves!

So to all, you bagaholics out there, do have a look at all the leather bags on WitchersCraft, buy your favorite ones for yourself today and you can also gift these lovely leather bags to your near and dear ones on their special occasions!!

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