Who We Are

The History Behind

Thar Artefacts is a home to handcrafted leather products and exclusive Viking mugs and drinkware collection. This was started by two friends Ali Akbar and Murtaza.

This duo thought of coming together with the idea to promote local handmade products that broadly include leather and drinkware collection. Their plan came into execution with the help of local artisans who could help them with the manufacturing of the desired product and an online marketplace where they could list their products with ease.


Murtaza was from the field of accounting and wanted to start something of his own, which was new and unique. It was sort of vague, and he wasn’t able to think through and execute his ideas because of the lack of knowledge about technicalities.

On the other hand, Ali Akbar had a proper understanding of how technicalities work and had a robust experience in eCommerce, considering the countable companies he worked with. Apart from the strong career backing, an inherited gift of a family business of handmade goods and copper utensils was also a bonus that came along with him.

In terms of marketing the products, ByDevumm – a team of content marketers helped them with social media and content requirements to boost their business online. There definitely where speed breakers in the establishment of the company but with great ideas, outstanding plans, and a strong team; everything is achievable.

Thar Artefacts aims to be one of the leading brands that offer handmade products across the board. They provide all thing leather, from stylish backpack to exquisite duffle bags, from customized leather journals to themed merchandise of popular series like Avengers & Game Of Thrones, there’s everything that people love. The products are made from genuine goat and buffalo leather and fit right for both men and women. 

Apart from making it the best brand for handmade products, it also is a one-stop destination for a unique gifting range. 

Thar Artefacts is striving towards growth and selling the best of unique and polished drinkware along with suede vintage leather products.


We also sell our leather products and drinkware collection on distinctive portals. Our sister companies include Witcherscraft, WickedCityArt, and TipCdrinkware. You can check our collection listed on Etsy as well and grab your favorites from our sister companies if you like.