Set of 2 TipC 100% Bamboo made Bamboo Bowl soup, ice cream serving, Salad Serving Bowl Healthy hygienic eco-Friendly & Biodegradable


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100% pure bamboo wood made.

Bamboo water is claimed to have a useful number of antioxidants, which, as far as we are aware, supports the repair and prevention of DNA damage caused by free radicals.

Good for Your Skin and Hair. Bamboo water can help prevent wrinkles by boosting collagen production thanks to its high silica content. Helps Maintain Good Bone Health. The silica content in bamboo water also ensures that your bones are kept in good shape.

Antimicrobial Effects. Bamboo water is suggested to have antimicrobial properties that protect you from various bacteria and strengthen your immune system. It contains abundant flavonoids such as lactones, polyphenols, glycosides, homoorientin, vitexin, is vitexin, tricin and orientin which help prevent disease including common colds and flu.

Usage: This pot is completely natural and Organic. Every time after use, we must open the lid and let it dry for 2 hours. Once a week, the bottle needs to be cleaned by a brush very softly. We can use it continuously for 8-10 hours on a daily basis and kindly ensure that we don’t keep it with water for more than 2-3 days and it would affect the durability. Please don’t pour hot or cold water into it directly, advisable to use water with normal temperature for better durability.

For washing our products, use a soft scrub from the kitchen along with warm water. After wash, use a soft cloth to clean the water and let it dry for at least 2 hours. Also, while using the product do not keep it in water for more than 6 hours.

Made out of bamboo, this is a perfect product to have in your kitchens if you want to impress your guests.

The Bowls are reusable and biodegradable.

Traditional Handmade Bamboo Product.
Eco-Friendly product.
The best idea for Gifting and Personal use.
Material: Bamboo
Bowl Dimension: Height 2.5″ and Diameter 3.5″

Note: The propensity of bamboo to split as it experiences changes in temperature and humidity is an issue that has confronted shakuhachi players for centuries. While bamboo is one of the world’s strongest natural fibres along the axis of its grain, it’s unique cellular structure provides little cohesion between those fibres. That, combined with bamboo’s columnar shape, sets up a situation in which its inner and outer walls swell and contract at differing coefficients of expansion, sometimes causing the culm to split.

Shakuhachi taken from the relatively stable, humid atmosphere of Japan to the wide variety of climatic conditions found in North America, Europe and Australia are particularly vulnerable. Bamboos are not especially happy in the dry hot (and cold) conditions found at high altitudes nor in urban environments controlled by central heating and air conditioning.

While Tai Hei Shakuhachi’s precision cast bore technology along with research and experiments conducted in the stabilization of bamboo have done much to inhibit cracking, only the time-tested method of tightly binding the flute will insure against this possibility.

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